A leap year’s living and the fourth stint of my entrepreneurial exploration. Location: Taiwan, a land of surprises if you choose to look. Domain: The Internet of Things (IoT), connecting anything that can be connected. That will pretty much change relationships between people-people, people-things, and things-things. Yes, yes, that includes hardware, software, core telecommunication, multi-culture, and more!

And for the much-needed inspiration to build this network, I look to The Wall. Cricket-crazy India’s Rahul Dravid. A man who earned the title for his resilience and dependability with the bat. A fellow towner and an impeccable gentleman – on and off the pitch. A man who always gets down to business.

“Sell, sell, and sell”

Throwback to the start: College years and a set of good friends. Together, we sold custom printed T-shirts to graduate students. Lessons were learnt. To go together – in good faith –  to go far. Where to draw the line and when to stop (doing business). A few years later, I worked alongside a well-accepted communications coach to sell trainings on human resources and research. My takeaway from the stint was that I lacked the skills to sell something that was not quantitative. Also, I had to repeat and embrace the “sell, sell, and sell” mantra more spiritedly.

The third venture, which is still an active lean business, is a boutique marketing and design communications firm, supported by a virtual team. This has been profitable and satisfying, with it effectively staying tuned to fast-changing facets of digital communication.

Along the Way

With age on my side, between my second and third outings, I decided to explore investing and chose the farming sector. The experience proved to be a guide on what and when to invest in a business. This, coupled with being entrusted a tough client by the CEO of the communications firm, shaped my knowledge base and provided international market exposure.

Treating these years as spadework for the dream of an own business, I was on the lookout for novel ideas. Either a product or an individual with a product-based idea in an industry with at least a 15-year opportunity cycle. And as providence would have it, I began working with the extraordinarily talented Sathiyakeerthi Madaswamy. His grasp of core communication technology and skillsets complementary to mine led us to build on our drive to share in the next wave of opportunity – IoT.

Thus was born Geniey Technologies.

Starting Line

It stands as one among a handful companies globally working on emerging IoT communication technology called LoRa and NB-IoT. While it hasn’t been easy to inform, educate and form partnerships around new technology, meetings over the year have borne valuable insights. Here’s one: The need to build a business model on  “co-creation and collaboration”, as put forth by our mentor and advisor, Gopalakrishna Shyamsundar, Associate Vice-President at Acer. We cannot thank him enough for this.

Meanwhile, Geniey Technologies was invited to introduce the potential of IoT to large enterprises in Taiwan. With the Taipei City Mayor and his government encouraging foreigners to incorporate their startups here, our venture has access to a dynamic ecosystem. We’ve also been working with Taipei Smart City dedicated initiatives ever since its launch in March 2016. In May, country-based Garage+ picked us as one of 16 global startups and exhibits at the second largest ICT trade show – Computex Taiwan.

October 3, 2016 marks a milestone for Geniey Technologies as we set up office at Taipei’s flagship software park – Nangang Software Park. We are thankful to be recommended by Jill Chih-Chuan Ku, Secretary to the Board at TECO Corporation, to work as their neighbour at Nangang. And the achievement needs to be dedicated to partnerships we’ve forged with Taiwanese companies and individuals like Mike Chang(IBM), Bruce Bateman (LITE-ON), Josephine Chao (Garage+), Pearl Sun(NSI), Albert Lin (Delta), and professors Samuel Chen, Shari Shang of National Chengchi University.

Of all learning in these 366 days, we’ll hold close the importance of culture. Maybe, my next post will dwell on Taiwanese business culture. And perseverance, without a doubt!

The Thing Is

Here’s leaving you with something the Internet (of Things) brought me today: Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech for the Best Actor (Dallas Buyers Club) at Oscars 2014. He talks of needing three things in life every day. Sathiya and I agree, through and through.

One, someone to look up to. That’s definitely our Man above whose blessings never cease to amaze us. Two, something to look forward to. Easy – our families and friends, our loudest cheerleaders.

Three, something to chase.

A dream, you say. Geniey Technologies, we’re living it.